Specializing in 500cc TWO-STROKE Conversion Kits

Balance shaft

All BRC 500cc kits are engineered with a counter balance shaft to make riding a big bore motorcycle more smooth.

6 speeds

Our kits accept your 6-speed transmissions for ultimate flexibility in single-track riding to 100+ miles per hour desert racing.

Electric start

Our kits accept your factory electric starter to bring the convenience of electric starting to a big bore motorcycle.
BRC 500cc kits

60+ HP AND 50+ FT LBS

World-class horsepower and torque, emphasizing a linear power curve.

Installs into factory chassis with no fabrication

No special tools, welding or cutting is required to install your 500cc engine.

Comes with exhaust and silencer

Our kits are complete with a specific exhaust pipe and silencer for fit, finish and convenience.



Product Lineup

BRC500 MY07-16

This was BRC’s first foray into a 500cc conversion kit, which became globally accepted with success.
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BRC500 MY17-21

Following the success of our original kit, it was a natural development for BRC to make a 500cc engine kit for the current KTM motorcycles.
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YZM500 MY99-21

The venerable YZ 250 is a natural product for a BRC 500cc kit. Paying homage to the mid-’90s (works) Yamaha YZM500 BRC is bringing that dream to the public.
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BRC identified that the rapidly changing SnowBike market needed a purpose-built vehicle.
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BRC R600

BRC is in the process of designing a twin-cylinder 140+ horsepower 2T engine kit for Yamaha R6 motorcycles.
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Two stroke performance


Located in Australia, Two Stroke Performance is the world leader in reflashing the TPi ECU for more effective fueling ignition timing and oil injection. BRC Racing is proud to be the TSP reflash centre and product distributor for Canada.

All BRC500 MY17-21 TPi Kits will come with a TSP reflash.

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TSP products

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